By wine or water, at some point, we all hope to quench the proverbial thirst for self awareness and to identify our personal truth.

So, BYOB of sweet red, or chamomile tea, and explore the possibilities with us!

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Season 1; Episode 4 The Struggle Bus Chronicles

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Join Coach C. Swift and Tiffany B. for a little virtual convo about life OFF  The Struggle Bus. Find ways to collaborate with us to assist audience members get past the struggle.  Bring your partner or a friend, add a glass (of whatever), and join us for a bit of conversation and perspective from this edgy duo.  

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meet your co-hosts


Coach C. Swift

Certified Life Coach with an Edgy attitude!  She , along with her ego, "Egypt The Infinite" offers an angle that connects the dots between traditional coaching and an urban perspective.


Tiffany B.

The Yogi in her can always find the sweet spot within controversy but she still keeps it all the way real!