We converted a few WineCast Wednesday episodes into audio files, and posted them just for you! Now, you can tune in on any device to catch "The Yogi and The Infinite One" otherwise known as Tiffany B, and Coach C. Swift, while on the go!

This season is all about, "The Struggle Bus Chronicles". 

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GUEST HOST: The Modern Therapist

 #SELFIE_TALK_RADIO: WineCast Wednesdays

Topic: The Struggle Bus Chronicles Part. 1 

APR 18, 2020; SEASON 1 EPISODE 4; Coach C. Swift aka Egypt The Infinite & Free Spirit Tiffany B.

Special Guest:
"The Modern Therapist", Precious Avorkliyah-Evans, LCSW

Modern Therapy Now, LLC; Psychotherapist

The Struggle Bus:
We brought in our Expert Consultant, Precious, along with our loyal panelists to discuss the angsts of day to day success planning.... The perpetual ride that is our cycle of being inspired by others, then motivated to execute a game plan, only to burn out and jump on the Struggle Bus, yet again, to thirst for more inspiration until the next drop off point.  It’s time to get off of “The Struggle Bus” for good.

Reframing Accountability: Sometimes, even our own adversity can be quite inspiring. If we run out of the fuel which is inspiration, how willing and motivated are we to walk the rest of the journey?  Hmmmn... Take a listen!